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Bordeaux Mission
  1. The last P-day of my mission
  2. Not some dorkaziod missionaries
  3. Even if the church is perfect, the people aren't
  4. It's not that simple
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  2. Youth Conference
  3. Saturday's Warrior
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  6. Temple Wedding
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  8. Bordeaux Mission
  9. Exmo Conference
Bordeaux Mission

Part VIII: Bordeaux Mission


Monday afternoon

I was back home fishing. The morning sun was filtering down the canyon as I rowed my boat out to the middle of a calm lake and started preparing my lines...

Not really.

But in my mind I was already gone. Anywhere but wasting the last P-day of my mission watching the rest of the missionaries of my zone playing basketball.

At least my companion Elder Beaverton was having fun. He was doing great -- he was all over the court.

Elder Beaverton was really into basketball. It always annoyed him when people would ask him about hockey, just assuming he loved hockey since he was from Canada. But I guess we all have our sports we love and our sports that we're supposed to love.

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Personally I never much cared for basketball even before my knee surgery, and now of course I'm not about to do a bunch of jumping around for no reason. But every single LDS church building has a cultural hall that serves as a basketball court, so everybody's expected to like basketball since we play it all the time. It's kind of like how everybody has to be in scouts whether they want to or not.

But I couldn't really expect to have a zone activity of wrestling. Even if there'd been anyone in my league, there was no one in my weight class. Elder Beaverton was about my height, but he was more the skinny, wiry type.

Sister Bell didn't look like she was too thrilled to be hanging around watching the game either. I turned to her and said "Man, I wish we didn't have to waste our P-day doing this."

"Tell me about it!" she replied. "I'd been waiting all week to get the chance to go to the open-air market and see if I could find some fresh morel mushrooms for this recipe for soupe aux morilles that I've been dying to try out. But of course Sister Stein wanted us to spend all morning writing letters and cleaning and doing laundry so we'd have plenty of time in the afternoon for this," she said waving her hand dismissively at the court.

I could see why. Sister Bell's companion Sister Stein was really good. She'd played basketball in college, and she was at least as good as any of the guys.

"I hear you about this messing up the the laundry schedule," I said. "Between this and some errands I had to run this morning, I'm going to have to fly home with a suitcase full of dirty clothes. I guess it's no big deal, though, my mom'll just wash them for me when I get there."

"I don't care about the laundry," she said. "I just really wanted to try my hand at making that soup. Now I'll have to wait at least another week!"

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