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Brigham Young University
  1. The most non-conformist girl in our dormitory
  2. Confidences, confessions, and advice
  3. An intimate little gathering
  4. Girl talk and a run-in with Standards
  5. I just don't belong here
  1. Young Women's
  2. Youth Conference
  3. Saturday's Warrior
  4. Brigham Young University
  5. Polygamist
  6. Temple Wedding
  7. Orem High
  8. Bordeaux Mission
  9. Exmo Conference
Brigham Young University

The only one who looked fabulous in a Sunday dress, however, was Cindy. Cindy was stunningly beautiful. She had a gorgeous face and body, and her shimmering long blond hair had just the right amount of natural curl to it. She had such a flair for putting together the perfect look that she somehow managed to find dresses that fit into the category of appropriate for church yet looked sophisticated and even sexy on her. Cindy happened to be Amy's cousin, so after years of planning with Amy that we would room together at BYU, when it finally came down to it she chose to room with Cindy, leaving me with the luck of the draw. I ended up sharing a room with Janie, a few doors down from Amy and Cindy, along the same hall.

Cindy was walking along at a slight distance from the rest of our group because she was accompanied by her latest love-interest Hyrum, who was a handsome, muscular slugger on the BYU baseball team and a returned-missionary. He wasn't in our ward, but he had shown up near the end of our service to see Cindy. Apparently after attending services at his own ward, he actually attended an additional church meeting in our ward just to spend time with Cindy! It was a different experience having a girl like Cindy as a part of our little circle of friends since I'd never really been friends before with anyone who attracted so many highly-desired boyfriends so easily. Interestingly, it turned out that despite this unusual quality, she was a nice girl and fun to hang out with.

The only other girls in our group that had boyfriends were April and Amy. Amy was dating a guy named Jake whom she had met in her Book of Mormon class and who lived in Orem with his mom. April was still seeing Andrew, who had been her boyfriend throughout high school.

Andrew was planning to enter the Missionary Training Center at the beginning of the next semester. (He was setting off a little older than the usual nineteen years old because he had been delayed for health reasons.) Everyone predicted that he would soon pop the question and give April a big rock to keep her company during her upcoming two years in which she would be acting as that beloved archetype of LDS young-womanhood: the girl waiting for her missionary. We all liked to tease her about how quickly after Andrew's departure she'd be writing him a "Dear John letter" and getting engaged to someone else, as the stereotype goes.

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As we walked along a little farther, we caught up with Wendy and Lavyrne. April snuck up on Lavyrne and tapped her on the left shoulder while approaching her on her right side. That little game of getting the person to look the wrong way was one of the jokes Lavyrne and Wendy liked to play on people. April was one of the few people who could successfully pull that trick on one of the two of them. April was so feminine and petite that she looked like a pixie next to these big, athletic girls, yet she got in on their in-jokes with ease. It was kind of like how she'd made several close friends among the girls on the softball team in high school even though she wasn't very interested in softball herself. I figured that April just had a way with people, which was what made her such a good RA.

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