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Brigham Young University
  1. The most non-conformist girl in our dormitory
  2. Confidences, confessions, and advice
  3. An intimate little gathering
  4. Girl talk and a run-in with Standards
  5. I just don't belong here
  1. Young Women's
  2. Youth Conference
  3. Saturday's Warrior
  4. Brigham Young University
  5. Polygamist
  6. Temple Wedding
  7. Orem High
  8. Bordeaux Mission
  9. Exmo Conference
Brigham Young University

As subtly as possible, I moved myself to the opposite corner of the couch so as to have the kitchen in my natural line of sight when looking up from my book. It was a deliciously intimate scene. I was tempted to try to memorize every contour and movement of his back and legs. But with so many others in the room, I could hardly get away with staring, even if it were polite to do so.

Cindy then started to wake up as well, and she and Ben took their turns in the bathroom. Rex also took a turn to get dressed as Jake and Amy came out of the bedroom and started making pancakes for everyone. I jumped up to help set the table.

During breakfast, Paige asked me if she could interview me for a piece she was doing on unconventional students for the Student Review. I told her that I wasn't all that unconventional, but since she was having some difficulty finding enough unconventional BYU students to fill up her article, I agreed to meet her for lunch at her house on Tuesday and gave her my phone number.

Amy, Cindy, and I set off right after breakfast so that Amy could get back to town in time for her shift at the nail salon, and I needed to get down to business on reading Hamlet. Rex seemed to give me a particularly friendly smile with his goodbye, but it was probably just my imagination.

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When I got to my room, I found that Janie was in there with her ironing board all set up and a huge pile of ironing she was working on. It looked like a bunch of men's shirts, so I didn't ask her about it because really I didn't want to know. The Jesus-flavored pop music she was singing along to didn't seem terribly conducive to appreciation of Shakespeare, so I just said hi and dropped off my things and took my copy of Hamlet to the study room at the end of the hall.

My sister April was there in the study room at a desk with a bunch of books open.

"Hi, what are you in for?" I asked her.

"I have a paper to write for my European History class. And you?" she asked.

"I have to read and understand Hamlet by Monday morning," I replied.

"Do you have the Cliff's notes?" she asked.

"I'm hoping it won't come to that," I said. "I always liked studying Shakespeare in High School. Of course back then we spent more time on each play."

"Do you have to write a paper on it?" she asked.

"No," I replied, "but we'll have an essay test in a week or so where we'll be expected to use examples from the text."

"That's not so bad then -- you don't have to understand the whole thing, just some examples," she said smiling and returning to her books.

I settled into one of the couches and started reading. I tried to go as quickly as possible yet still get the idea of what was going on. The first part seemed to be about some sentinels who had seen the ghost of the king or something like that.

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