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Exmo Conference
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  9. Exmo Conference
Exmo Conference

"No, no one in my family has left the church but me," he replied. "In fact, David's in the bishopric of his ward and his wife is Relief Society president. Here, I've got a picture somewhere." He flipped through the pile of pictures in his wallet and showed Lynn a photo of a smiling family.

Lynn looked it over. David was maybe a little thicker at the waist and thinner on top, but still handsome. His wife was no supermodel, but she wasn't too bad. And they and their three little girls looked happy. Lynn didn't know if perhaps she'd been secretly hoping things had gone badly for him, but she didn't begrudge him his happiness. She handed the photo back.

It was too bad for Lynn that she didn't also run into Rodney Grant, who went straight from the lecture hall to a local gay club earlier that day. That would have led to some more amusing trips down memory lane!

"Well, I'd better get going," said Andrew. "I promised my wife I'd meet her after her workshop." He finished his coffee and started to get up just as Rex was coming in the door.

"Oh, just a minute, I'd like you to meet my husband, Rex. Rex, this is April's old boyfriend, Andrew Denton," said Lynn as Rex approached the table.

"April's boyfriend?" Rex asked, a little confused.

"I have the distinction of being the only one," said Andrew. "We were kids together."

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"Oh, right," said Rex. "Now I remember. I think we met briefly when you were at BYU. God, that was a long time ago, wasn't it?"

Hardly! It was less than a fraction of a day! But I kept My response to Myself.

"Yeah. Anyway, nice seeing you again," said Andrew, going out. "Give April my best."

Rex got himself a coffee and was sitting down just as Joy and Rajendra walked in. "Oh good, you guys found the place," said Rex, waving them over. Joy introduced her new boyfriend to Lynn and then suggested that they move to a more comfortable spot in the nook with the couches. As they were taking their seats, Jill arrived to join them.

Once they were all settled in with their respective coffees, Joy turned to Jill. "You know who I thinking we might see at the conference? Your old boyfriend Walter!"

"Oh, god, Walter!" groaned Jill.

Tell me about it!

"Why were you thinking he'd be here?" asked Rex. "Did he leave the church too?"

"I don't know," said Joy. "I ran into him this morning right nearby here. I was thinking he was here for the conference, but then I didn't see him in the conference building."

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