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Orem High
  1. And where did he serve his mission?
  2. A warm October day down by the Provo River
  3. Orem's not so bad when you give it a chance
  4. I can rely on myself
  5. Jared gets drunk and gets laid
  6. Forget about her, Jared
  7. A story I never tell anyone
  1. Young Women's
  2. Youth Conference
  3. Saturday's Warrior
  4. Brigham Young University
  5. Polygamist
  6. Temple Wedding
  7. Orem High
  8. Bordeaux Mission
  9. Exmo Conference
Orem High

"Oh, he doesn't want to talk about it," replied Joe. "Here's what happened with us. Sam and I agreed that he should hide the porn with his stuff because if he got caught he might get punished a bit, but if I got caught with it there was always the chance my uncle would throw me out of the house. So Sam hid it away, but by bad luck the very next week he had an interview with the bishop scheduled. Of course I didn't ask him the details, but shortly after the interview he took the whole stash on his bike and disposed of it in some faraway dumpster."

"Man, I hate those bishop's interviews!" I said.

"Me too," said Joe. "After I realized what Sam had done, I told him that when he goes in for an interview with the bishop, if the bishop asks him questions that he thinks are none of the bishop's business, he should just answer however he pleases. That's what I do."

"Hmmmm," I said. "And what'd Sam say to that?"

"Well, he seemed to think that the bishop would use the 'spirit of discernment' to tell when he's lying. I told him that I'd never had any such problem, but Sam wasn't convinced."

"Yeah, but even if the bishop doesn't figure it out, it's still a sin to lie to him!" I said.

"That's probably true," said Joe, "but the way I see it, I've had enough problems in my life already, what with my family and all. For the moment, I'm just going to do whatever it takes to get by. When I'm old enough to support myself and I'm no longer dependent on the charity of relatives, then maybe I'll worry about my spiritual growth."

"Wow," I said. "You'd better just hope you don't get hit by a bus between now and the time you get around to repenting!"

Joe laughed. "You know, it's funny, that's exactly the same thing Sam said."

Just then Sam came back up. "Supper's ready," he said, "Let's go." I called my mom quickly to tell her that I was staying for dinner and then I went with Sam and Joe to the kitchen.

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When we got to the dinner table, the places were already set and the food was already on the table. It was meatloaf and green beans and mashed potatoes. Sam's dad, Brother Hobbs, called on Sam to say the prayer, and Sam obliged.

At the end of the prayer, Sam's mom, Sister Hobbs, began slicing the meatloaf and serving it to everyone. "Are you planning to stay for family night?" she asked me.

"I'd love to have Family Home Evening with you guys," I said, stretching the truth a little bit there, "but then my parents would have to have Family Home Evening all by themselves." Actually I was kind of hoping my parents would just forget about it like they usually did.

"Oh, so you're the youngest, like my little Sam?" asked Sister Hobbs.

"Yep," I said. "My oldest sister Kathy is married, my brother Rex is in grad school, my sister Jill is in college, and now that my sister Joy has set of for college too, it's just me and my parents."

"Then you have your parents' undivided attention," she said brightly. "You're a lucky guy."

"Yeah, lucky me," I said sarcastically. Sam and Joe both laughed.

Sam's dad then asked Sam a bunch of detailed questions about how our high school football team was doing so far that season, and they continued talking about that until it was time for dessert.

For dessert Sister Hobbs brought out ice cream and a special peach-flavored cake that had a filling made from the peach preserves that she had made herself from peaches they had grown in their own yard.

"Wow, Sister Hobbs, this is amazing!" I said. "We never have anything like this at our house."

"Well, you know, we have so many jars of preserves around here that I have to always be thinking of creative ways to use them," she said. "Of course I put them in our year's supply, but the prophet says we're supposed to rotate our year's supply regularly."

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