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  1. An uncertain destination
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Part V: Polygamist


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Monday morning

I sat back in my chair as I listened to the teacher recite the same story of Joseph Smith that he had been repeating to us all week. The handful of other students in my class looked just as bored.

The the teacher turned and asked, "Now who can tell us what year the Saints arrived in Far West Missouri?"

Since no one else responded, I raised my hand.

"Yes, Joe?"

"Please, we're supposed to be studying Biology," I said.

"Of course," replied the teacher. "And I have a special lesson for you. All of you turn to page 65 of your books."

I opened the worn, old book and turned to the correct page. On it was a brightly-colored drawing of some sort of monster with six legs and bat wings and a dragon's head.

"This is a curelom," said the teacher. "They're not common in our day, but the pioneer children used to play with them during the great trek west."

"A curelom?" I thought to myself. "That can't be right..."

Then I awoke with a start and for an instant couldn't figure out where I was. It came back to me immediately, as I saw that I was on a bus and noticed the familiar old lady I'd met earlier, on the seat beside mine. I must have just fallen asleep.

A wave of relief came over me to realize that it was just a dream and I wasn't really back there at that school. Then it hit me that it was crazy to feel relieved to find myself a bus bound for an uncertain destination. I should have felt terrified.

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