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Saturday's Warrior
  1. He's perfect for the part
  2. You're my obsession
  3. A question of morality
  4. Could I really love a man who could do something like this?
  5. A problem and a solution
  6. A favor for a friend
  7. The grace period
  8. Trying to make things right again
  9. The sort of spiritual experience eternal companions should share
  1. Young Women's
  2. Youth Conference
  3. Saturday's Warrior
  4. Brigham Young University
  5. Polygamist
  6. Temple Wedding
  7. Orem High
  8. Bordeaux Mission
  9. Exmo Conference
Saturday's Warrior

Part III: Saturday's Warrior


Thursday afternoon

"Well, here it is -- jumping-off point, and here we are one breath away from a sick world that's been crying out for what we can give it: truth! freedom! salvation!"

He was perfect for the part. I watched as Walter and Jake stood around the piano singing their number and Pinky played. Walter sang his part with gusto. He seemed to be happy to have been cast in this role, but really it was more that the production was lucky to have him than vice-versa.

There were so many male singing roles in the play that Pinky had had trouble filling them all. Basically any guy that was willing and able to sing and dance on stage was welcome to do so. I knew this because when Pinky called me up to tell me about my part, she asked if my older brother Rex would be willing to play one of the kids in the gang. I figured she must have been pretty desperate to get more guys in the chorus if she was to the point of offering parts to people like Rex who had two left feet and couldn't sing a note. Since he would have to bring me to the rehearsals anyway it made sense that he should participate, but he was more interested in the technical stuff so he offered to do the lighting instead.

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It was so lucky for us all that Walter was back from his first year of college and wouldn't be setting off for his mission until after the production was over. He was born to be in the spotlight. In my mind I could picture him basking in it on stage. Plus he seemed pretty excited about his upcoming mission, so it was cool to have him playing the part of a missionary. Even his first name -- Walter -- was the same as the character's name, Wally. Really it couldn't have been more perfect.

"Okay, one more time from the top," said Pinky. "Oh, and I know a lot of us learned these songs from listening to the original cast recording, but really you don't have to rehearse the spoken part over the intro this time."

Everybody laughed at that as Pinky started to play again. Walter laughed at himself along with everyone else. He knew he liked to ham it up and wasn't ashamed to admit it. The eyes of every girl in the room were on him. Even with Pinky's big flaming red hairdo and bright-colored clothing and million bangles, she seemed drab and uninteresting next to Walter. I imagined that all of the other girls were probably as in love with him as I was. How could they not be? With his gorgeous smile and his playful manner....

Of course I had no shot with him outside of the realm of fantasy. He could have his pick of any girl, and I couldn't think of anything I could do that would make him notice me over the others. On the other hand, there had been some pretty serious competition among the girls for the parts in the play, and I hadn't done too badly there.

I was proud to have been chosen for the role of "Alice." It wasn't that important a character, but I got to be in a bunch of fun musical numbers such as Daddy's Nose and He's Just a Friend, plus I had a solo verse in the song Pulling Together.

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