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Saturday's Warrior
  1. He's perfect for the part
  2. You're my obsession
  3. A question of morality
  4. Could I really love a man who could do something like this?
  5. A problem and a solution
  6. A favor for a friend
  7. The grace period
  8. Trying to make things right again
  9. The sort of spiritual experience eternal companions should share
  1. Young Women's
  2. Youth Conference
  3. Saturday's Warrior
  4. Brigham Young University
  5. Polygamist
  6. Temple Wedding
  7. Orem High
  8. Bordeaux Mission
  9. Exmo Conference
Saturday's Warrior

"Actually, I more wanted to ask you a question about sex."

Kathy seemed somewhat less thrilled about that but said okay.

"Did you and Bob do anything naughty before he set off for his mission?" I asked.

"We certainly didn't have sex, if that's what you're asking."

"Well maybe not all of sex," I said, "but..."

"But what?" asked Kathy.

"Don't make me spell it out," I said. "All of the words are so embarrassing. Just -- if you're okay with telling me -- how far did you guys go?"

"We made out a few times."

"What kind of making out?" I asked. "Could you feel his... you know..."

"What?" she asked, shocked. "Of course not! Perish the thought! He was just about to set off for his mission when we started dating. As you know, a missionary needs to keep himself morally clean."

"But did you want to?" I asked.

"Jill!" she said, "What kinds of questions are these? Of course I didn't want to. Bob is my eternal companion, not some sort of plaything of the Devil! We love each other with a pure, spiritual love."

"So you're saying that you've never found it difficult to avoid impure thoughts even though you're in love with him?"

"A little, but not really. I care more about being worthy to go through the temple with him than I care about sinning. Why are you asking this? Are you having some sort of morality problem? Is some boy pressuring you to do more than you're comfortable doing?"

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"No, no, I was just curious. Sorry to bother you," I said, and I left the room.

So that settled it. I was sick and depraved and needed to try harder to be a good girl like Kathy if I wanted to be worthy to go through the temple and eventually to the Celestial Kingdom. At least Joy liked to watch rated R movies with me, so she'd probably be down in the Telestial Kingdom too to keep me company for eternity.

I was actually tempted to go ask Rex if he knew anything about sex, but I thought better of it since asking my sister about sex was one thing, but asking my brother about sex was quite another.


Tuesday's rehearsal passed like the previous Thursday's, with no particularly special attention from Walter. I was getting desperate and felt like I had to do something.

At our next rehearsal on Thursday, Rex brought the school's videocamera and some special lights to do video footage with. Rex had a job working for the school district's media and technology services. According to Rex, during the Summer it was primarily doing inventory work on new items purchased by the school district, but it also involved various other tasks such as editing videos produced by the school.

Since our production was partially sponsored by the school's drama club, Rex had gotten special permission to make a video of the production for the school, and he wanted to include some footage of the rehearsals for fun.

Notably, he filmed my favorite number He's Just a Friend, where Julie, Shelley, and I sing about how Julie was dumping Wally for another guy and Wally and Greene (played by Jake) were singing about how upset they were about it. He also filmed the song Voices where Todd (played by Noah) sings about being tempted by various things such as "books and learning" as the chorus of bad kids does a dance acting out the various temptations.

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