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Saturday's Warrior
  1. He's perfect for the part
  2. You're my obsession
  3. A question of morality
  4. Could I really love a man who could do something like this?
  5. A problem and a solution
  6. A favor for a friend
  7. The grace period
  8. Trying to make things right again
  9. The sort of spiritual experience eternal companions should share
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  2. Youth Conference
  3. Saturday's Warrior
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  5. Polygamist
  6. Temple Wedding
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  8. Bordeaux Mission
  9. Exmo Conference
Saturday's Warrior

Of course Rex filmed Pam's big number Line Upon Line. That was the one where the really spiritual crippled girl Pam tries to convince her twin brother, Jimmy, to be more interested in the church just before her tragic death. Obviously Rex waited until a take where it was Laura singing the part of Pam before he started filming. Actually in the course of filming various scenes it seemed like Rex got an awful lot of footage of Laura. At one point I could have sworn I heard him say to her "The camera loves you, babe," which only went to show that even Rex was willing to make a fool of himself for love or perhaps for the hope of sex.

He also got a fair amount of footage of Pinky's little eight-year-old niece who was playing the part of "Emily." Emily was the youngest child of the big Mormon family in the play, and her birth at the end was one of the main subjects of the play. The character spent the whole play looking down on her intended family from the pre-existence.

Pinky doted on her niece during rehearsals, so she was happy that Rex was giving her attention by filming her. People said that Pinky herself had been in a big production of Saturday's Warrior when she was younger, and that that experience was what had inspired her love of the theater. She was thrilled to have her favorite niece in the same play, and everyone suspected that that was the whole reason that Pinky had wanted to produce Saturday's Warrior in the first place. Even though the play was old-fashioned and an embarrassment to the church, Pinky loved it and wanted to relive her early theater memories vicariously through her niece.

Near the end of the rehearsal I went to the bathroom, and out of habit I checked the door in the back of the bathroom that led to the baptismal font. Normally this door was locked at all times, but every now and then someone would forget and leave it unlocked. When that happened while we were at church in our own ward building, Joy and I would sometimes go into the baptismal font with other girlfriends because it was kind of a cool, hidden place to hang out.

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Today, by luck, it was unlocked. I went through the door into the ladies' dressing room and checked the door on the other side. It was unlocked as well, so I could go all the way into the font itself. I stepped into the font and crossed it and went back up to check the door on the men's side. It was locked, but, as I knew, I could unlock it by hand from this side.

I crossed back over to the ladies' side of the font. There was no noise coming from the other side of the vinyl retractable accordion-wall, so I supposed that there was no one in the adjoining room. That divider was closed and locked as usual, so even if there had been people in the room, they wouldn't have been able to tell there was someone in the font unless I made a lot of noise.

The fact that the door was unlocked was an incredible stroke of good fortune, and it was just the opportunity I had been looking for. I immediately thought of Walter. The baptismal font was one of the few places in the building where we would have complete privacy. And the fact that it was amusing that it was unlocked in the first place was excuse enough to ask him to come with me to see it.

As I walked back to where people were rehearsing, I wondered to myself precisely what I hoped to do with him there. I wasn't really sure. Probably some making-out, as they say. Maybe even some "petting" to use the awful word they taught us in church for it -- I didn't know any other. I thought perhaps I would even be willing to go all the way with him if I had a condom. I hadn't thought to get one, but I figured that that level of sexual adventure was still far enough in the future that there would be time to cross that bridge later.

When I got to the cultural hall, I found that they were just getting started at rehearsing the number Pulling Together, which was one that I was in. Walter wasn't busy with any of his scenes at the moment, so he was sitting on the edge of the stage watching. As I passed him, I told him I had something that I wanted to show him privately after our number.

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