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Temple Wedding
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  4. The people who weren't allowed to attend the ceremony in the temple
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Temple Wedding

Saturday morning

On the morning of the wedding, we determined to sleep in a little bit. We were planning to meet April and Susan at the Hobbs' house, and we wanted to wait until we were sure that Brother and Sister Hobbs were gone to avoid crossing them and dealing with whatever wrath was the consequence of Rex's mother's visit the night before.

I had put on a church-style dress for the day, which wasn't my favorite thing to do, but I was willing to make a sacrifice for a special occasion.

At Matt's parents' house, we found the people who were not allowed to attend the wedding in the temple: April and Susan and Judy, my mom and her new husband Richard, and everyone who was too young to go to the temple, including Sam and Joe, plus a bunch of my little cousins.

The house was really crowded. April and Susan were watching the little kids in the living room, and the big kids were there as well. Sam and Joe were sitting on the floor reading comic books. My fifteen-year-old cousin Jennifer and her younger sister Emily were sitting off in a corner eyeing Sam and Joe and giggling.

When Mom and Richard saw me, they both hugged me, and they shook hands with Rex.

"It's great to see you again, Lynn," said Richard. "You too, Rex."

We sat at the table in the kitchen where there were still some breakfast muffins and biscuits waiting.

"I'm glad you and April are here," said Mom. "This is a hard day for me. I'm happy for my little Annette that she's found the love of her life, but it's hard for me to imagine that today, for the first time, she's going through that horrible endowment ceremony."

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I wasn't a big fan of anti-Mormon literature, but I'd read enough to have a general idea of what the temple ceremony consisted of, with its ceremonial washing, strange costumes and rituals, secret names, secret oaths, and secret handshakes.

"Yeah, it's hard to imagine doing that without being royally creeped out by it," said Rex. "That's probably why they're not allowed to talk about it. They'd all be asking each other 'What the....?' 'What's with those crazy green aprons?' 'Did that make no sense to you either?'" Rex had all of this second-hand as well, so of course neither one of us knew for certain if our imagined impressions of what it was like were correct.

Since some of the older kids were watching the younger kids, April and Susan came in and joined us in the kitchen.

Noticing that no Mormons were present, Mom said conspiratorially, "It's so crazy that they take the Book of Mormon seriously, when every bit of it has been discredited. To imagine they claim that there was a metalworking society in the New World before the arrival of the European explorers!"

"Yeah obviously that sort of thing would leave evidence," said Rex. "The mines, the smelting, the steel swords and other artifacts themselves don't just biodegrade, yet how many have archaeologists found? Zero."

"And the horses," added Mom. "Scientists have shown that horses were extinct on this continent long before the supposed Book of Mormon times." We nodded in agreement. "And many of the real New World writings have been deciphered, and none of the New World peoples correspond at all to any Book of Mormon peoples in terms of the time periods or locations they lived in or the histories they wrote of themselves." We all smiled and agreed.

"Unlike the Bible," said Richard, "which has been largely corroborated by archaeological evidence.

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