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Young Women's
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  1. Young Women's
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Young Women's

Sunday morning

As soon as I woke up on Sunday morning, I went to look at my painting again. It was beautiful! Wyxetta and Adrianna had such a perfect life in their little fairy kingdom.

Saturday had been a productive day since Lynn and Annette had decided to spend the day at the mall and then the library. I'd gotten the chance to add lots of colors and details to finish the scene. I hated to put it down when Mom came up to tell me to start getting ready for church.

I heard the door downstairs, which was undoubtedly Lynn getting back from her paper route, so I went down to the kitchen to have breakfast with her. I poured myself a bowl of cereal as Lynn took off her hat, scarf, and mittens and placed them on the drying rack, hung up her coat, and put her boots on the mat.

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"Snowing?" I asked.

"As usual lately," said Lynn, sitting down to take off her wool oversocks and her outer pair of pants. "Fortunately it isn't too deep. As it is I had to knock the snow off the wheels every twenty feet. It's bad enough pushing a cart full of Sunday papers in the Summer, but in the Winter it's a real pain."

Of course if it had been much worse, Mom or Dad would have helped her in the car. Still, the thought made me glad I'd given up my paper route even though I missed the extra spending money.

Lynn was getting out a bowl for herself when Dad came in all dressed in his suit and tie. "You're finally back just now?" he asked Lynn. "We have to be out the door in half an hour, and you haven't even started getting ready! You either!" he said, turning to me.

"I'm sorry," said Lynn, "the snow slowed me down."

"Here," I said, quickly scarfing down the last of my cereal. "I'll go take my shower while you have your breakfast, then you can go after me."

"Thanks," said Lynn, pouring the milk on her cereal.

On my way up the stairs, I passed Annette coming down. She was yelling "Mom! I don't have any clean dresses!"

"What?" Mom called back from downstairs.

"Or underwear!" continued Annette.

I heard Mom saying "If it's not one thing it's another in this house! Couldn't you have said something yesterday? Come on, we'll find you something."

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