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Young Women's
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Young Women's

Friday evening

Friday evening rolled around, and with it came Alexandra and Amy's big slumber party. After dinner Mom dropped Lynn and me off at their house. It turned out that the only guests other than me and Lynn were Sarah Grant and a girl named Melissa that Alexandra introduced as being her best friend from school.

Normally I wouldn't mix school friends and church friends like that myself despite what we're told about how every member should be a missionary and make sure that all of our non-member friends hear about the gospel. I wasn't sure if Alexandra had invited Melissa in order to show her how much fun Mormons are in hopes of converting her or if it was just a way of filling out the guest list a little since it was hard to have a big party with just the girls from the ward.

Whatever Alexandra's reason, I figured she had done the right thing by inviting Melissa. From the minute I saw her, I knew she was going to be a lot of fun. She had long, wavy red hair going in every direction and a perpetual smile. She was a little taller than me -- which wasn't hard since I'd always been small -- and she was a little more stocky and athletic than the rest of us. Instead of wearing a preppy sweater like the girls at my school usually did in January, she was wearing some sort of rugby jersey over her faded jeans.

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I talked to Melissa a little and asked her about her school and such as we all gathered our things into Alexandra and Amy's family room. Once we had banished their little brothers, we were ready to start the first activity of the evening: "killer Uno." Lynn wanted to play "I doubt it" (which was the polite name for a game called "B.S."), and Amy suggested that since it was a slumber party it should be "strip I-doubt-it," but we all agreed that we should at least pretend to be good girls until the rest of the family was in bed.

Melissa had never played "killer Uno" before, but she got the hang of it right away. She seemed to be enjoying the fun of making everyone draw as many cards as possible, and rather than getting uptight about winning or losing, she laughed when she had to draw a big pile of cards herself since she was psyched to get some new good cards she could use later to make other people draw. She was in the middle of drawing twelve cards (and joking about how many draw-two's and draw-four's she was getting to zing us with later) when Alexandra's mom came in and brought us some popcorn and pop.

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