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Youth Conference
  1. Let the manhunt begin!
  2. Doomed unrequited love was something we could definitely relate to in the Mia Maids class
  3. Sexual Purity
  4. Another great year at Youth Conference
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  2. Youth Conference
  3. Saturday's Warrior
  4. Brigham Young University
  5. Polygamist
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  9. Exmo Conference
Youth Conference

Friday morning

The next morning over breakfast we compared notes on the dance. This didn't take too long since no one had really met any serious prospects. The ones that were closest to finding a romance were Amy with Greg and her sister Alexandra with this guy Matt who was from Ely. But neither one of these was particularly promising since Greg was a non-member and Matt lived way on the other side of creation where Alexandra could hardly hope to see much of him. Plus he seemed like a bit of a hayseed. So when they had finished their stories, I recounted to them the whole situation with Tom and how Lara was leading him on just to get him to join the church. The other girls agreed that it was pretty pathetic of him to fall for such a thing, but that on the other hand if it got him to convert to Mormonism, his soul would be saved, so at least some good would come of it. Then, since no one else had had more than one or two dances with any one guy, we moved on to comparing our class schedules to see if we had any classes together.

We each had received a schedule of classes in our registration packets, just like a real college class schedule supposedly. They appeared to have been randomly generated by computer, but they were personalized and the teachers would be taking attendance, so we couldn't get away with just ignoring them and all going together to whichever classes we wanted. It was unfortunate because none of my classes looked even mildly interesting, and Amy and I didn't have any classes together at all for the whole day.

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My two morning classes were "Ordinances of the Gospel" (yawnsville) and "Treasures from the Pearl of Great Price." Hardly anyone ever spent time studying the Pearl of Great Price, so I figured that that class would be given by someone who was really into in-depth analysis of obscure scholarly boredom and Mormon trivia. Not that any of the scriptures were particularly interesting. I consoled myself with the idea that it could hardly be worse than study of some of the more obscure books of the Old Testament. Then after lunch I had Gymnastics. I supposed that this was meant to be a pleasant break from all that theology, but Gym had never been my strong suit, so I wasn't looking forward to it. Then the last class on my schedule was the most horrifying of all: "Sexual Purity."

Looking at the other girls' schedules for the day, I saw that no one was in my Ordinances class with me, but that Cookie and Annette would be in my Pearl of Great Price class, Tammy was with me in gymnastics, and April, Alexandra, and Jenny would all be attending my "Sexual Purity" lesson. As it turned out, the four of us weren't the only ones who had the misfortune of learning about sexual purity. Every single schedule had some class on it somewhere with a title like "Chastity" or "Holy and Unholy Types of Intimacy."

"Wow, they really don't want us to miss that chastity message, do they?" remarked Cookie.

"Well they probably figure that by putting all these boys and girls together on one campus hormones will be running high, so we have to be reminded of what not to do," said Alexandra.

"I don't think we're likely to forget what it is we're not supposed to do," said Jenny.

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