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Youth Conference
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  3. Sexual Purity
  4. Another great year at Youth Conference
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  2. Youth Conference
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Youth Conference

"Wow, I guess my prayers have been answered," I said. "Or at least they would have been if it had occurred to me to pray for rain."

"Well, probably some other kid who hates sports thought of it," she said. She seemed to be kidding, but I wasn't sure.

An announcement came over the loudspeaker that because of the rain the games would be held in the main gymnasium. We were told to all meet back there and bring our scriptures.

"Well, if we have to bring our scriptures it's probably not going to be sports," I said, but I couldn't help but feel that that was a bad sign for what the activity might turn out to be.

So we went back to the dorms and grabbed our scriptures and put on our t-shirts, and then we went to the main gymnasium and found our team. I looked all around the room to see if I could spot Bill.

"I still can't find Bill," I said to Amy.

"Yeah, I haven't seen him since last night," she said.

"I wonder which team he's on," I said, looking around some more.

Amy looked a little surprised by this. "But, he's on our team," she said. "Don't you remember him introducing himself yesterday?"

"Really? He's on our team?" I asked. "Wow, I must not have been paying very close attention! I didn't notice him at all."

"I think that that guy's his roommate," Amy said pointing to one of the other guys on our team. "Maybe he knows what became of him."

So we went over and asked the roommate if he knew where Bill was.

"Oh, he had to go home early," the guy said. "He had a really bad asthma attack this morning."

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"Oh, no, that's terrible!" I said.

"It happens every now and then," the roommate said. "You shouldn't worry too hard about it, he'll be okay."

I looked across the room and saw Annette flirting with her new boyfriend Tony. This is just great, I thought. My little sister meets someone wonderful, and all I can attract is a sci-fi-computer nerd with bad asthma!

One of the adult leaders then took a microphone and announced that this afternoon's activity would be a scripture-chase tournament, and he put up a big piece of poster-board with a tournament tree drawn on it indicating which teams would be playing which other teams. Our individual team leaders had us set up chairs in various parts of the room.

The announcement of a scripture-chase wasn't too bad of news. It wasn't my favorite thing in the universe, but I'd rather be playing that than soccer or (heaven-forbid!) volleyball. In my early-morning seminary class, I was reasonably good at scripture-chasing.

The idea of the game was that we learn a set of really important scriptures from the book we're studying that year, the teacher gives a clue for one of the scriptures we've learned, and we race to find the correct scripture in the book. The tournament would undoubtedly be on the Doctrine & Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price since that was what we had studied this past year. All of the kids in the church studied the same book the same year on a four-year cycle: Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and D&C & PoGP.

The very first team that my team was scheduled to play was the red team, which meant that our first match would be against Y and Z. I did okay at finding some of the scriptures, and Y was at about my same level. I looked wistfully over at him while we were playing -- he was so cute while scripture-chasing! Z, on the other hand, was a master of scripture-chasing (as I already knew from seminary), and he kept finding the scriptures first over and over. To make matters worse, there was also a girl on their team who was essentially just as fast, so the competition ended up being between the two of them rather than between their team and our team. They beat us easily and moved up to the next level of the tournament.

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