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Youth Conference
  1. Let the manhunt begin!
  2. Doomed unrequited love was something we could definitely relate to in the Mia Maids class
  3. Sexual Purity
  4. Another great year at Youth Conference
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  2. Youth Conference
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Youth Conference

In the next round, we played the purple team, who had also lost their first round. It wasn't clear to me whether this was supposed to be a double-elimination tournament or whether they just had us keep playing to keep us busy. It hardly mattered, as the purple team also beat us.

The third round was already the championship round since there were only eight teams to begin with. It ended up being the red team versus the orange team. For this match they put the two opposing teams in the center of the room and just had the rest of us watch. Annette and Jenny were on the orange team. Annette looked especially nervous because she hadn't attended seminary this past year since she had just finished the eighth grade and seminary doesn't start until ninth grade. So she really didn't know any of the scriptures at all. But it didn't matter because her team had some people on it who were like lightning, so no one noticed that after each clue Annette was just flipping through her book pretending to look for the right scripture.

The real contest was between the two champs on the red team and three star players on the orange team. But Y was holding his own, and got a couple of them first for his team. He was of course the one I was watching most closely and rooting for. The teams ended up being very evenly matched and were neck-and-neck right up to the end.

After some time, the teacher announced that the next clue was the tie-breaker that would win the tournament. The clue was "your bosom shall burn." I know that one, I thought. After what seemed like less than a second, Y flipped to the page and raised his hand. When called upon, he showed them D&C 9:8. Y had won the tournament for his team! The whole gym applauded, and I did most of all. This'll give me something to say to him at the dance tonight, I thought. I'll be sure to find him and compliment him on his masterful performance in the scripture-chase.

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For that night's dance, the last dance of the conference, Amy and I were more resolved than ever to talk to Y and Z and dance with them. This would be our last chance of the conference to get together with our true loves, and besides that our other prospects hadn't really panned out.

The beginning of the dance didn't offer us any more obvious openings than the previous two dances had. We realized that we didn't really have much choice in the matter: if we wanted to talk to them, we were just going to have to get up the nerve and walk over to them and start talking. It shouldn't be so hard! People just walk up to other people they know and start conversations every day. Why couldn't we bring ourselves to do it?

We figured that some compliments about the scripture chase would be a good place to start, but before approaching them we decided to try to prepare some clever and witty comments that we could have on hand. Unfortunately even after a good chunk of the dance had passed, we still hadn't thought of anything witty.

After a while we noticed that we couldn't find Y and Z in the dance hall anymore, so we went out into the hallway to look for them. When we discovered where they were, we realized that our luck had changed. Y and Z were sitting out in the foyer having a conversation with Dan, Andrew, April, Cookie, and Steve (another guy from our ward). This was perfect because there was no reason at all why we couldn't just walk up and join right into their conversation.

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