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Youth Conference
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  4. Another great year at Youth Conference
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  2. Youth Conference
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Youth Conference

So we walked in and sat down, and everyone said hi to us. Y and Z even sort of nodded to acknowledge our presence. We found that they were all talking about plans for what we might do for this year's road show, which was something that April and I had already started brainstorming on a few weeks ago.

April was describing how we had been thinking for our ward's skit in the road show we might do something along the lines of the "Fractured Fairy Tales" from the classic Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon shows. Y said that he thought that that was a good idea, and April told him that I was the one who had thought of it (which was true!).

He responded by kind of smiling and nodding to me as he said "ah." I was in heaven. This couldn't be going any better!

Everyone started throwing out ideas for different fairy tales and how we could fracture them and how we could combine them into one coherent skit. Z offered to be the "Mountie" Dudley Do-Right and ride in at the end. Y got out his notebook and started taking notes on what people were saying and also started drawing some preliminary sketches for the sets. His rough sketches were fantastic, and his long slender hands were so beautiful as he drew them. I didn't want it to end -- this was going to be the best road show ever.

But of course we couldn't spend the whole evening in the foyer, and after a while April and Andrew decided to go back into the dance. That kind of broke up the whole party, so we each went our separate ways. Amy and I could barely contain our excitement. We rushed to the ladies' room to fix up our hair and compare notes.

"This is so fantastic -- they're finally starting to notice us!" I said to her.

"I know! I can't believe it!" she gushed.

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We took the time to get our hair and make-up absolutely perfect to be extra-gorgeous when we got back out into the dance hall. We then set ourselves up way off to one side of the room to avoid being asked to dance by any other boys. Not that there was much danger. Tom and Greg were dancing with Lara and Kimberly, and we hadn't really met anyone else. We knew that we needed to cross the room and go ask Y and Z to dance, but even after that fabulous exchange in the foyer, we were still too nervous to approach them.

All of the sudden, the DJ announced the last song of the night. And what's more, it was our song: Lady in Red. We had to go immediately and ask them to dance.

Then tragedy struck. Y and Z walked straight up to two girls that were standing near them -- two girls that we had never seen before -- and asked them to dance! We had never seen them ask any girls to dance before, and they had to choose our very last opportunity of Youth Conference to do it! We were crestfallen. We didn't know what else to do, so we just slipped back to our little corner of the dance hall and watched.

Everyone we knew was dancing the last dance with someone. Tom and Greg were still dancing with Lara and Kimberly. Annette was dancing with Tony, and it looked like Jenny had taken up with one of Tony's friends. April was with Andrew of course, and Alexandra was still with Matt from Ely. Even Tammy and Cookie had found boys to dance the last dance with although we didn't know precisely how or when that had happened. We couldn't stand it anymore, so we just headed back to our dorm room without even offering to help with the clean-up.

Back in our dorm room, we managed to get our spirits back up a bit. So we hadn't succeeded in dancing with our true loves. But at least we were making progress! We'd shared a whole conversation with them! True, Y hadn't said anything directly to me except "ah" the entire time, but it was a start! They were on the road to falling in love with us, we were certain of it. So we fell asleep with sweet dreams of our beautiful future boyfriends in our heads.


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