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Youth Conference
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  4. Another great year at Youth Conference
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  2. Youth Conference
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Youth Conference

The next morning after breakfast a huge Sacrament Meeting had been set up for us in the room that had served as the dance hall. The organizers felt that since many people would miss church that day as some had come from places six hours away or more, we should all have a Sacrament Meeting before setting off. But fortunately in the interest of time they didn't plan us a session of Sunday school or Young Women's. Also in the interest of time, they had us check out of our rooms and pack all of our things into the buses before the meeting.

Amy and I lost track of time chatting, so we got to the meeting late and slipped into the very back. There weren't enough chairs back there, so we had to kind of just lean against the back wall. It turned out that Y and Z were sitting right in front of us in the very back row of chairs with Y on the aisle and Z one chair in.

The meeting was probably as dull as Sacrament Meeting usually is, but I didn't know because I didn't hear a word of it. I was too busy watching Y and daydreaming. But I perked up a bit during the closing remarks. After thanking everyone who worked so hard on the conference, the bishop who had directed the organization of the conference announced that he wanted to award a prize to the team that had done such a fantastic job of learning the D & C and had won the previous day's scripture chase. The prize was a little enameled pin for each member of the team, which he handed to a team representative at the head of the room to distribute to his teammates.

This was my big chance to say something to him. I took a few steps forward, put one finger on Y's knee, looked straight at him and said, "You really earned that for your team David, getting the winning scripture and all."

Y just looked at me, then he looked at my one finger, and then he looked back up at me. He did not say a single word. He just had this shocked expression on his face as if to say, "What are doing? How dare you touch me?"

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I slowly backed up, and then I slipped out the back door and down the hall into the ladies' room. I breathed deeply and tried to regain my composure. Do not cry, do not cry, I told myself, you have to get on the bus any minute, do not cry. After a few more deep breaths, I was ready to go back out. I could hear them singing the closing hymn which signaled that it was almost time to go, so I started walking towards my bus.

Soon all of the other kids started streaming out of the building and moving towards their buses. I stood by the bus and waited for Amy. Mindy walked past me with a big smile on her face and said, "Another great year at Youth Conference, huh?"

And we got on the bus and went home.

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