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Youth Conference
  1. Let the manhunt begin!
  2. Doomed unrequited love was something we could definitely relate to in the Mia Maids class
  3. Sexual Purity
  4. Another great year at Youth Conference
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  2. Youth Conference
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Youth Conference

Friday afternoon

In my next class, "Sexual Purity," they were bound to take attendance, so I couldn't very well just not show up. I thought a bit about what the consequences might be if I were to skip one of my classes, but in the end, since I knew that some of my friends would in there with me, I decided to just bite the bullet and attend.

When I arrived at the classroom, sure enough April, Alexandra, and Jenny were already there saving me a seat. The classroom was a bit bigger than the others had been. Undoubtedly they were more concerned about giving this lesson to as many kids as possible than they were about getting us to read the Pearl of Great Price. Each of the desks had a Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cup sitting on it, but it was written on the board in big letters that we were not to eat them.

I noticed that Claire was sitting in front of us with Tina, the less-active member who went to my school. They seemed to be giggling about something, so I strained a little to try to make out what they were saying. It seemed that if I understood correctly Tina had skipped her morning classes and had snuck a boy into her dorm room! She very clearly said "It was an 'uplifting' experience for him," and then she and Claire both burst out laughing.

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I couldn't believe it! Here at Youth Conference? She had decided to sneak a boy into her room to do precisely the sort of thing we weren't supposed to be doing! And on top of that, she was bragging about it in this class of all classes! I was amazed that it was possible.

Shortly, the teacher came in and, as expected, called on a kid to give the opening prayer and then took attendance. I looked around and noticed that the desk immediately next to mine was vacant. At this point no one else was likely to come in, so I reached over and took the chocolate off that desk and ate it.

"As this is a bit of a sensitive subject," the teacher began, "we're going to start with a short video." He then dimmed the lights and started it up. The video was all about the evils of pornography. Basically the idea was that there was this teenage boy who started looking at pornography and then became addicted to it. He later repented and Heavenly Father forgave him, but he could never completely get the dirty images he had seen out of his mind. So even though you can always repent, you shouldn't count on a strategy of "sin now, repent later" when it comes to pornography because it can have permanent consequences even after you've repented. The whole video was less than ten minutes long, but it got the point across with no difficulty.

I began to relax a little because it seemed clear that Tammy was right: they were mostly aiming this lesson at the boys.

The teacher started off by explaining how we might think that there's nothing wrong with our sexual desires because they're natural. But he told us that in fact, that's one of the main reasons we need to fight them because as it says in the Book of Mormon (Mosiah 3:19) "the natural man is an enemy to God." He said that we needed to be on a higher plane than the natural, we needed to be spiritual instead.

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